Usually, we would like to do everything ourselves, because we are so protective of our tasks, we don’t trust anyone with what we need to do. This can actually push us into feeling overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed will lead you to be unproductive and ineffective. Many of us know the power of delegation but we procrastinate because we have trust issues when it comes to delegation. This is another form of perfectionism.

When I was at Tony Robbins Seminar, I was asked to make one decision that was pending for a long time, a decision which was out of my comfort zone.

I was thinking of hiring someone to help me as an assistant. I had a day job, and I had a lot to do to start my business. A lot of research, setting up websites, content etc. But I was procrastinating.

I’m a person, who hates to do repetitive work. I love to work creatively and think strategically. That’s what my strengths are as well as per the Gallup Strengths Test at

So the decision I made was to hire an employee. Until today after I’ve made over $100,000 in sales while still at my day job. The one thing that was key for me to move forward was the decision to hire an assistant.

This decision helped me offload a lot of work that I don’t like doing – repetitive stuff, things that I hate to do, things that take more time to do, everything can now be done by my assistant.

I was able to work at my day job, while my business was also running. That was the best decision I ever made.

So, here’s an exercise for you today. What is one decision that is out of your comfort zone? A decision that you were thinking about for a long time and haven‘t decided yet?

Make the decision YES or NO today. Hit “reply” and let me know what you decided.


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