Powering the Sales Funnel through targeted content is your opportunity to achieve more. More of what? Attention, towards whatever you have to offer to make more money. If you are focusing on products then its products and if you’re are a service provider then it’s the service you are offering.

The purpose of creating content in the first place is to generate more interest to the particular page so that you attract more attention. This attention increases the interest in your page and more interest means that more people are currently either actively or passively gathering information about your product/service.

You might wonder, why should I bother about content when am spending piles and piles of cash on the advertisement. You are rightful to question if you had spent or have been spending piles and piles of cash on the advertisement. But read and ponder.

Before there was Radio. Then came the TV. After that there was internet and Social Media came about creating many more ways to get to know about well anything. Not only can people look at a product or service, but they can also inquire about the aforementioned product or service by doing a few searches on Google or Facebook or Twitter.

This arm twists every one of you (the product or service provider) to mellow up to the would-be customers even before they know that they want to make avail of your services or your products. Here is where targeted content comes in to save your day.

Today’s marketing is not what yesterday’s marketing used to be. One bad post about you can make you lose a few of your future customers if not the existing ones!? So it’s very important for you to engage with your audience in a positive way through all existing platforms.

Why targeted content? An advertisement is far too good. You can argue all day. But with today’s smart devices, be it phones or tablets allow people to peer into numerous blogs and hundreds of posts before come knocking at your brick and mortar showroom to purchase anything. Hence the targeted content comes into play.

You have to maintain a good social presence. A positive social opinion about your products and service to widen the lower end of the sales funnel. You know you want it that way! So learn to master a content powered sales funnel.

R & D – This D Stands For Discovery

You need to get into the thought process of a person who may or may not pay to avail your service or product. This takes research and discovering the customers’ interests and targeting them from there. Many people who buy stuff are idle surfers of the internet. They just surf, mostly that’s what they do. If they like what they see, they will get it.

Others are informed ones who dig deep about you and your offerings to figure out if there are any shortcomings what so ever. For both these customers, there is an absolute need for your product. But the approaches they take are entirely different. Either informed (actively) or uninformed (passively) state they look for solutions to their problem or to eradicate the issue they are facing.

Your product or service may be the solution they are seeking in the first place. This process that leads up to the decision is called the buying cycle. During the decision cycle, the people will be searching for solutions or with the problems itself. The words they use become your key to unlocking the door towards your customer pool.

It is imperative that you use keywords that are targeted towards your business. For example, let’s assume that you are a networking connection accessories provider. You offer routers, modems, Wi-Fi range extenders and etc.

The goal here is for you to help you could be customer get well-informed about the various types of devices you offer. Not only just this. If for instance, you provide a tool of sorts which helps them get to the conclusion to what they need to get, will make them more comfortable.

Not only are you helping the visitor decide in what should be purchased to eliminate their pain points; but also you are earning their trust. This also improves their confidence. A confident customer is the one who is more likely to purchase from you.

A Helping Page – Full Of Info

Now, you have to utilize this confidence that you have earned in the right way. At this moment the customer is interested and you have to provide them with more accurate information about what types of products you offer and what’s the difference between them.

Not all people know everything. By providing the additional information you are making them well informed about what they should get to fix the problem they are having. In this case, in this case, it’s the necessity to get a Wi-Fi gateway.

But you have to assume that the person making the decision doesn’t differentiate between an ADSL modem with Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi gateway. Here, if you provide the necessary information to the site visitors in helping them discerning the obvious difference between the two. You will be a hero, who just saved their day.

Give And Wait For You To Receive Back

Now, you have to provide targeted information about all your products and how they are better than your competition. You are welcome to include simple infographics which a common man can understand.

In this phase, you are being weighed against your competitors. A pivotal moment for you as this is the stage the people will show loyalty. Provided, you show some sweet deal. You not only have to show them that you have the best to offer but also, to show them that you care for them and you are here to make them happy.

After all these processes of researching, finding, understanding, and sweet deals. They will choose the best possible offer which suits their pocket. If you do all the above correctly. You would have gained a customer.

Testimonials Go A Long Way

Also, you need to have testimonial page for each and every product or a mechanism to rate your product. People (your existing customers) should be able to log in and post their thoughts about your products/services.

You can’t convince people (would be customers) like the people (have been customers). Positive replies and positive ratings will promote your products for you. And if you have a social media presence, it’s a great plus. Get communities for your products, encourage people to talk for you.

Provide the opportunity to the people, like lucky draw and so on. Many people talking is much more advertisement. Opportunities means, people who might not be otherwise interested will line up to try their luck. Also, reward your customers. Publish about your customer engagement activities in social media.

The more people feel welcome, the more you are persuading them to buy from you.

At The End Of The Day

You need to have targeted content which is properly filled with the appropriate amount of keywords. Keyword research tools help in a big way, for example, AdWords form Google. This will improve your exposure from current levels and increase your popularity. All these will help you gain customers. Through these efforts, you will power your sales funnel with your targeted content.


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