Thanks for your tips on my landing page. With those simple changes, my conversion rate went from 6% to almost 20% and was still climbing when the campaign finished.

Jon Compton

Fitness Trainer, London

I achieved my breakthrough and made a 300% returns on my full investment. Needless to say, it opened up my mind to a world of endless possibilities.

I would highly recommend Ahmed for any coach or consultant who wants to build a proper system that makes client acquisition a seamless process.

Vivek Iyyani

Leadership Coach, Singapore

During a chat with Ahmed Muzammil Jamal (super-sharp and introspective coach, this guy is) today, he made me see something so simple, so common-sensical, yet was totally in my blind spot. That’s what I do for my clients, but I missed seeing that for myself!. So today I experienced the liberating feeling of clarity (that I didn’t have a big problem, I only needed a couple of minor tweaks) and was reminded of something fundamental in my business which I overlooked. I felt humbled, reassured, confident and even more ready to take action.

Goh Wan Pin

Life & Business Coach, Singapore

Thanks so much, Ahmed for your time today. It was really beneficial speaking to you and thinking about the business from another perspective. In addition, the article you sent at the end, is excellent! and exactly what I needed. I really appreciate your time spent with me, and I learned a lot. Thanks!

Penina First

Founder, USA (Raised $2.5 Million Funding)

Just ended a 60 mins call with Ahmed Muzammil Jamal, about engineering a conversion funnel and the metrics that need to be tracked. Highly recommend getting in touch with him if you need assistance in your business.

Fazal Ahamed Zaheer

Marketing Specialist, Singapore

If you have a website issue to resolve or need marketing funnels set up, you definitely need to reach out to THE guy, Ahmed Muzammil Jamal. Amazing customer service and super to work with.

Debbie Cundey Owen

Copywriter, USA

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