Q: If you had 10 days and needed to make around $2500 at least with absolutely nothing lined up, what would you do? (I’m a freelance WordPress girl & do brand management so I’m thinking along those lines.)

A: Offer to help 10 people for FREE for small WordPress jobs. offer them your retainer contract.

One or two of them will convert to paying clients for Long term work/retainer.

Say you charge 500$ for retainer every month, then you need to find 5 clients for you to earn 2500 every month.

To get 5 clients, worst case you need to work 50 small jobs. Best case 25 small jobs. Within a week you could reach 2500/m in Long-term earnings!

As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on long-term earnings. Don’t focus on the short term, or else every month you will have a hard time finding work.


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