This is part 3 of the series on time management strategies from Tony Robbins.

These time management strategies help you live a more fulfilled life because, in actuality, they’re much more than techniques for managing time — they’re also tools for transforming the way you think.

Maximizing your resources in life starts with the right mindset, and these time management techniques help you teach yourself to focus on what matters to you in order to live a more joyous, productive life.

Tip #1 was to use the Rapid Planning Method [RPM] from Tony Robbins.

Tip #2 was to Chunk You Tasks into sensible categories

Tip #3: Use your N.E.T. Time For Action

Tony Robbins explains that N.E.T. stands for No Extra Time. N.E.T. time is the hours we spend each week on what are essentially mindless chores like commuting, walking, exercising, running errands or cleaning the house. Instead of letting this time slip by, why not take action with N.E.T. time?

Take a look at the average time that is spent towards some of these “chores” as per BLS American Time Use Survey and U.S. Census Bureau:

– Commuting to work: ~110 hours per year
– Running Errands: ~275 hours per year
– Sports and Leisure: ~1920 hours per year
– Eating and Drinking: ~450 hours per year
– Watching Television: ~1011 hours per year

Surprised? It‘s true… Here are two steps that you can follow to maximize the use of this unused/wasted time:

Step 1: Create a list of websites to visit, podcasts to listen to, and action items you can clear off your list during those otherwise mentally idle moments.
Step 2: Pick up one of those tasks from the list the next time you have that mindless chore and let it run on the background or do it

The best part about using your N.E.T. time is that while you are commuting to work (or doing something else), you are also feeding your mind and improving your life.

You’re doubling what you’re putting into those hours, and the yield is exponentially greater.


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