These time management strategies help you live a more fulfilled life because, in actuality, they’re much more than techniques for managing time — they’re also tools for transforming the way you think.

Maximizing your resources in life starts with the right mindset, and these time management techniques help you teach yourself to focus on what matters to you in order to live a more joyous, productive life.

Tip #1 was mentioned in the previous blog.

It was to use the Rapid Planning Method [RPM] from Tony Robbins.

Tip #2: Chunk You Tasks Multitasking is the most inefficient thing you can do to yourself and to your goals and outcome.

Especially when you are doing complicated or unfamiliar tasks – because it takes extra time to shift mental gears every time a person switches between the two tasks.

But in reality that never happens. What Tony recommends is that you chunk the tasks that you do in your business.

You need to organize everything you want and need to do into categories that are manageable.

That way, even if you multi-task within that chunk you are not making a huge context switch.

Chunking tasks into categories are easier for your mind to handle, and they are aligned with your values, so you already know which tasks and goals are more important to accomplish first.

Step 1: Write down the “musts” for this week – the things that you have to get done.

Step 2: Examine the tasks for common themes. – e.g. Personal, Finances, Marketing, Management, Relationship etc.

Step 3: Once you have chunked them together, choose a time and day to do that particular chunk and do everything all at once.

Tip #3 is coming up in the next blog.


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