Since I made the decision to lose weight and become a better version of myself, I committed to working with Andrei. Andrei taught me a lot about healthy foods, and habits, and even some stuff business.

Andrei discovered a systematic way to lose weight and to change habits and introduce new habits into my life to eat healthily.

If you remember from one of my previous posts, I was sitting in Tony Robbins’ Seminar, and he told us “Decisions Shape Your Destiny”. It was indeed true.

So I had the desire to have a healthy body for myself, to be fit, to be an active person to my kids. But I was indecisive about going all-in.

Many-a-times, we know what to do, but we don’t do it because we are stuck in indecision. While a dream kick-started my achievement, I wasn’t able to move forward without the decision to work with a mentor and going all-in committed.

When I made the decision that I should lose weight, I did. In fact over a year I lost over 18 kilos, and I was more energetic, healthy, and I felt active every single day.

+ Where do you lack commitment?
+ What decision is still pending in your life that you are fearful of?
+ What decision have you have been procrastinating about?

The decision that if you made a commitment to today, can bring significant change to your life, business, and finances? Think about it…

What can you go all-in on? Go ahead and make that decision now!