In my last article, I mentioned how I transformed my body from weighing 126 kilos to 105 kilos effectively.

I got help from a coach from Romania named Andrei. Andrei helped me change my behavior and my eating habits. And the good thing is that I didn’t put back the weight like before. I was able to sustain the weight loss.

After working with Andrei for over a year, I had more energy, I felt more active; I felt awesome in general with my new found energy.

It was only possible because of Andrei. Before Andrei, I was trying all the tactics to lose weight without much strategizing on the core problem which is my habits.

Back then I used to have one can of coke (at least) a day. And my favorite food used to be a McDonald’s DOUBLE McSpicy Chicken Burger or the DOUBLE Quarter Pounder Burger with a LARGE Coke (32oz). So basically I had a 1566 kilo-calorie meal every time I went to McDonald‘s and that was almost every single day!

By working with Andrei (who used to be fat and then lost over 24 kilos through proper eating habits and exercise), I shortcut my way.

Because I didn’t have to make all the mistakes that Andrei had done. I didn’t have to experiment with stuff. I didn’t have to waste time.

Andrei gave me the exact strategies (change of habits) and tools that work and all I had to do is follow his instructions. It went great. I just trusted him blindly. It was a hell lot of patience, and work, but it DID work!

Coaches and mentors would be critical in helping you achieve great things. That doesn‘t mean that you have to spend 100s or 1000s of dollars to get coaches and mentors.

Coaching or mentorship could come in different forms: Books, Courses, 1-on-1 coaching, and Group Coaching.

Depending on how big the problem is and how deep your pocket is (how much money you can afford to spend), you can choose the right option. The more the money you spend, the more the level of support you get.

Action Step: Think what your goals are. Search Google or Amazon for a related book on your primary goal in life at the moment and start reading it now. It’s either cheap, or it’s completely free.


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