1.Self Awareness – learn what you do the best what's your genius zone? Take the test at geniusu.com(FREE), take the Gallup strengths test ($20), and take the Gallup EP10 ($) test if you are an entrepreneur.

Stay within your strengths and genius zone, find someone to do the stuff which is off your strengths zone. Outsource/Delegate.

2.Set Clear Goals, get down to the minute details as possible. Clarity gives you better brain connections to give you better ideas to achieve them.

Write down goals, break them down to a year, a month, a day. Or if they are tasks, write down tasks, sub tasks, and sub sub tasks.

3.Run through the goals as a movie in your mind stage. As if you are achieving those goals and feel every emotion possible.

This is like a dress rehearsal for your goals. Makes you feel ready for the achievements to come. And builds connections in your brain. And tames your subconscious.

You need to do this for 30 mins every day for atleast 21 days to see results. (The New Psychocybernetics by Dan Kennedy & Dr. Maxwell Maltz)

4.Start your day with intentions. Your day should be planned with a lot of small wins.

Overall your day should be a win if you succeed in managing your intentions. Nevertheless of whether you complete your todo list or not.

Your todo list shouldn't be the factor that decides whether your day was a success or not.

E.g. I want to be cheerful, and show my best self in everything for today.

Prioritise and get things done on your todo list based on importance and urgency (one of the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey)

5.Set goals for a 12 week period instead of a 12 month period. Effectiveness is a process. You should do things you could do within your control zone (circle of influence) that can move you towards your goals. And not do one off stuff.

Eg. Going to the gym once in a blue moon is not going to help you lose weight. Consistency and regularity is key. You need to go atleast thrice a week.

Time block the process activities in your calendar.

(The 12 week year by Michael Masterson)

6.Move / Walk / Run or do something that pumps your heart beat to the max for atleast 15 mins a day.

7.Learn to relax your body and mind. Take breaks and recharge yourself. Time block your holidays. Time block your “me” time during the weekend. (The power of full engagement by Tony Schwartz)

8.Bust your Fears. Primarily the Fear of Failure. Make decisions quickly. To Move forward, the only way is to make quick decisions. If it fails, then you Course correct. (Feel the fear and Do it anyway by Susan Jeffers)

9.Sleep as much as you need. Find your sweet spot. It varies from 4 hours to 8 hours. (Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod)

10.Eat well. Avoid sugar and carbs filled junk food. Drink 4 to 6 litres of water every day. Start your day with warm lemon water.


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