Your business is effective and successful as much as your intensity of online marketing campaigns. Yes, online ads nowadays play an important role in helping you reach potential customers and get you good money from your business. And, Facebook ads have taken their toll on businesses recently making many business owners like you reach their sales targets.

You’ll be having a Facebook page for your business but have you set up a $5 a day advertisement there?

You may ask “Why is it necessary to do that?”

Here’s the answer.

Some of the latest statistics have reported that

  • There are 2 million active Facebook advertisers
  • 75% of brands promote their Facebook posts
  • 1 million small businesses advertise on Facebook

Do you think they are all into Facebook ads without getting enough profits? Time to think up my friend!

Making up your mind to create ads on Facebook and promote them simply is of no use. Rather, before getting into it, you need to know how to create effective ads that will get a good number of click-through rates. You can measure the effectiveness of your ad through click-through rates which indicate the number of clicks on the ads (the number of users who have clicked your ad link).

  • Make up your ad with a good Value Proposition that will make the audience know why they should choose you over other competitors. It can be an offer or any other promise of value that would attract potential customers.

An example of a Facebook ad with a good value proposition

In this example, has announced how to get your first 1,000 fans on twitter. This will attract many clients towards them.

  • Your ad should provide perfect relevance to the users’ targeted search from the Ad to the landing page. Most of the time we type certain keywords, for example, black western wear and we may get search results in a landing page showing all colors of western wear. No brother, this should never be the case in your ad. Create your ad relevant to the product you offer which will be the right target of the user’s query.
  • Voice up your ad with a powerful Call-To-Action that would excite the users and make them click your ad right then.

Example of a Facebook Ad with a compelling Call – To – Action

In the above example, the company has given a motivating call – to –action with the ‘Learn More’ button providing free marketing consultation.

Now let’s go into the steps of how to create your first Facebook advertisement.

  1. Go to Select “Create your Ad” from the right side at the top of the page. Choose the objective of your campaign as “Send people to your website”. Next, type your website URL in the box.
  2. Next step is to select your target audience ideally such that your ad appears to your targeted users. There are four main sections for selecting your targeted customers and they are:
  • Location – where you can enter one or more states, countries, regions and zip codes where you wanted your ads to appear.
  • Demographics – where you can select age range, gender and languages related to your target audience. For more specific targeting on demographics, even work titles and education can be included.
  • Interests – where you can select specific interests that are suitable to your audience. This is mostly determined by what pages and apps are people more interested in. You can enter a maximum of three interests per target.

You can also select behaviours based upon the users’ purchase behaviour and device usage. This is also determined by what people are connected to in Facebook, such as pages and apps.

  1. However you make choice in selecting your targeted audience, next setup your audience size to be atleast 5000. Your audience size will be shown on the right panel of the page (as shown by the arrow above).
  2. Now you can choose the right budget and bid for your first Facebook advertisement. The best idea is to always first go with the minimum budget of $5 a day ad and allow it to run. Next select “Advanced options”. With this you can select your preferred bidding method. Select “Optimize for clicks”.When you select “CPC” you would see suggested Cost Per Clicks (CPC). A good task is to put up a bid that is at least $0.10 higher than the suggested highest bid. This is to ensure that your ad gets displayed so often.
  1. You’re all set up and ready to create your first ad now. Upload your ad image by clicking “Upload”.

You can select “Turn off News feeds ads” to make sure that your ad appears only at the right hand side of Facebook.

Next, you can enter other necessary description details such as the body and headline copy.

You can view the final preview of your created ad at the right.

When you’re done click on “Place order” button at the bottom. After this your ad will be reviewed by facebook, and you’ll see a popup message on the screen like this.

Hey buddy you’re done! You’ve created your first ad and now all you have to do is, manage your ads and optimize them for the lowest possible cost per click.

  1. After setting up the Facebook Ads campaign, you’ll be brought to the Ad Dashboard.

A short explanation of each of the terms in the Ad dashboard is given below for you to understand.

  • Reach – shows the number of people who saw your ad
  • Frequency – shows the number of times a user sees your ad
  • Total spent – shows how much of your budget is spent till now
  • Average cost per website click – shows how much you are paying for every click on average Click – Through Rate (CTR). To be clearer, it’s the number of clicks over the number of times the ad was set out.
  • Relevance Score – shows how relevant your ad is to your target audience. High relevance score decreases your cost per click.
  • Spent today – shows how much you have spent so far from the start of the day till now
  • Total spent – shows the total amount spent
  • Max bid – shows the highest amount you are willing to spend with each bid
  • Average price – shows how much actually you are paying for each bid
  1. How to lower your cost per click? You’ve got into this effort of advertising on facebook for just one simple reason, right? That is to get more leads by getting many clicks to your website but at the lowest possible cost.

The right metric for this case is “Average Cost per Website Click.”

Now your goal is to lower the overall cost per click (CPC) of your ad. The first and the best way for this is to increase your Click – Through Rate (CTR).

You know how to do that?

Just by changing your ad image or copy. Select “Create Similar Ad” and upload a new image or ad copy.

The next way to do this is by lowering your max bid. But this technique can be applied only when your ad has already got an adequate reach and number of likes.

For instance, if your present CPC is $0.65, you can lower it by $0.05 for every hour, and keep constantly checking whether this change has affected your increase in reach. If you get to see that your reach is getting lowered due to this action, then it’s better to go back to the previous bid value.

That’s it! And here you are into your first facebook advertisement for your business which is going to get you better ROI.

Happy Facebook Advertising!


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