You can easily get your first 1,000 followers on LinkedIn as it’s basically a business – oriented social networking platform. Let’s see how to get it.

STEP 1: Complete Your Profile Fully

LinkedIn offers great features and options in filling out your profile neatly and completely. The Profile strength icon of LinkedIn serves to be as a sign of indicating how far you’ve been successful in providing full information about your company or business. So, wisely make use of the options and give as much information you could about your business, so that you’ll gain good number of business connections.

You can effectively make use of LinkedIn profile picture, cover photos and other advanced media options available and fill up your profile. Add relevant images describing your field, add portfolio links to your business and don’t forget to upload an apt cover photo. All these will get your business gain good visibility and users tend to know more about your business and stay connected to you.

Different levels of Profile Strength icon on LinkedIn

Sample LinkedIn Profile

STEP 2: Share Your LinkedIn Profile Link With Others via Social Media/Mail

Now that you’ve got a beautiful fully completed professional LinkedIn profile, it’s a must to share with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Just share your profile link with people so that those interested will look into your profile and get connected to you. The same can be done via email too by sharing the link with your subscriber list.

STEP 3: Create a LinkedIn Follow Button On Your Website

LinkedIn provides three choices of Follow buttons that you can embed in your website. You can select whichever is applicable for your site and get it done.

Three types of LinkedIn Follow buttons

A Sample Blog with LinkedIn Share Button

STEP 4: Invite Your Colleagues To Join LinkedIn And Fill Up Their Profile

This is a good handy idea to help you get a handful of followers for your company profile page on LinkedIn. When you invite your employees, they add you as the current employer on their LinkedIn profile. This automatically takes your company’s profile and logo to appear on their profile, thus giving enough visibility for more people to view it.

STEP 5: Send Genuine Connection Requests, And Accept All Requests

Sending and accepting requests on LinkedIn play a major role in getting more number of followers on your professional network. Always send genuine connection requests by drafting a customized message for the person with whom you’re attempting to get connected. This increases the chances of your request getting accepted. This option of adding personal note in a connection request on LinkedIn is one of the greatest opportunities you can make use of in increasing your followers.

On the other hand, while accepting connection requests, be non – selective. This simply means accepting all requests as your goal should be to have more than 500 connections on your profile. This will make people endorse you for skills and share your profile, thus increasing your chances of being visible on the professional network.

Sample Genuine Connection Request


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