Instagram enables you to capture photos and videos online and share it on various social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Here are some steps which describe how to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram.

STEP 1: Complete Filling Up Your Instagram Profile

Instagram users tend to follow you once after viewing your profile first. So its important to fill up your profile to the fullest including name, profile picture, short description and a link to your business website.

Since your profile header displays seven of your most shared images, it’s essential that you post atleast seven to ten photos before you begin sharing and promoting your profile. Let the images be good and professional revealing what’s in your business.

Sample Instagram Business Profile

STEP 2: Link Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts

Put up a connection between your Instagram account and Facebook account, so that it will help all your friends find you on Instagram.

STEP 3: Frame & Implement an Efficient Commenting Plan For Your Photos

Have a general look on to Instagram accounts and you’ll find that there are more likes than comments for a photo. So, to gain wide visibility, you should figure out ways for implementing an efficient commenting strategy.

  • Leave comments quickly and easily by typing from a computer.
  • Comment on recently posted photos.
  • Comment with relevant hashtags.
  • Comment on photos with fewer comments so that people can find your comment visible.

STEP 4: Start Liking a Large Number Of Photos

A simple way to gain followers is to start randomly liking thousands and thousands of images on Instagram. You’ll then gain atleast hundreds of followers for your account each day.

STEP 5: Search For The Perfect Hashtags

Research into what most business owners similar to yours are tagging. Get to know the latest trends and hot topics of the industry and discover the perfect hashtags for your business.

STEP 6: Put Up a Hashtagged Feed Of Instagram Posts On Your Website

Your website visitors can come across your Instagram badges and immediately follow you if your business interests them. Therefore, its best to have your Instagram feed inserted on to your website. There are five different sizes of Instagram badges to place on your website.

Screenshot showing how to insert Instagram badge onto your website

Sample Website with Instagram Feed

STEP 7: Tag People

When you tag relevant people in your photos, you’ll automatically get them following you back. Also, they may start mentioning you in their posts too.

STEP 8: Share Your Instagram Profile Links Through Social Media & Mails

Spread your business by sharing your Instagram profile link in Facebook, Twitter etc for your friends to follow. Also, send mails to your mail list sharing your link.

STEP 9: Make Use Of Geotagging Option For Your Pictures And Your Shop

Instagram’s photo map feature is an extra gift for those having your own shop. Take pictures and geo-tag them with the location so that people can know you more. To enable this feature, connect your Instagram via Foursquare.


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