Google plus is an interest – based social networking platform used by business owners all over the world to increase their ranking in search engines. Following are the steps of how to get your first 1000 followers on Google+.

STEP 1: Fill Out Your Full Profile

Click on the About tab of your Google+ profile to ensure that you’ve filled out the necessary information. The different categories that have to be filled out in the profile are:

  • The Story showing your tagline, introduction section, and bragging rights
  • Communities showing the Google+ communities you’ve already joined
  • Links showing your website, youtube and custom links
  • Contact information showing your email, phone number and address

STEP 2: Share Your Google+ Profile Link via Other Social Networks & Email

Make your friends become aware of your business Google+ profile link by sharing it with them via other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This will make them follow your profile and make your business popular. You can also share your Google+ profile to your e-mail subscribers and market your business.

STEP 3: Leave a Google+ Follow Button On Your Website

Setting up a Google+ Follow button on your website is necessary for your website visitors to follow your profile. There are five different shapes and sizes in Google+ Follow button. Another option is to go with a Google+ Follow badge which will appear along with your profile picture, cover photo and tagline.

Google+ Follow button

Google+ Follow Badge

STEP 4: Search And Get Involved In Relevant Google+ Circles

Google+ is the best platform to build up communities between users. When you follow someone, automatically they get added to your circles by which you can start sharing information. Start by searching for circles which would be suitable for your business and then get involved with them.

Just type ‘Circle’ and relevant keyword in the Google+ search box and you’ll find out circles that might interest you and be suitable for your business. Another way is to directly visit pages that interest you and follow them and look at their circles and get involved with them too. This way you can grow the number of your followers by following them and making them follow you back.

STEP 5: Participate And Contribute To a Google+ Community

Google+ communities prove to be a great option for increasing your followers by interacting with a group of users at the same time about an apt topic regarding your business. You can even start your own community with some ideas or topics in mind and start engaging potential customers to participate in it. This creates good visibility and presence and thus promotes your brand over the web.

Being a part of a Google+ community can spread your name and attract more followers too. Through communities, you can get connected to more like-minded Google+ users and start sharing your business discussions and content. This holds to be a direct communication medium with your target audience, which brings in more followers and thus indirectly goes into good revenue yields.


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