Facebook is an efficient social media platform for new business owners to market their business worldwide. Here are the steps for getting your first 1000 fans on Facebook.

STEP 1: Complete Your Profile Page

For fans to reach you quickly, fill out the important areas of your profile.

  • About section
  • Profile picture and cover photo
  • Website URL
  • Start info
  • Address
  • Description and Mission
  • Contact information

Make sure that you create and post several updates so that there is good content on your page that readers can look into and know more about your products and services.

Example of a professional Facebook business page

STEP 2: Send Invitations To Your Friends To Let Them Know About Your Page

Make use of the ‘Invite your friends’ option in your facebook page to send invitations to your friends who may be quite interested in your business. It’s better off to select the people who may be interested in your product rather than just clicking the Send Invite button to all of your friends.

You can get reached to 25 to 50 friends by this method and then further proceed after getting a vanity URL for your facebook page. A vanity URL will look like facebook.com/yourbrandname which will give a more professional branded image for your business and eventually, more fans too.

STEP 3: Share Your Facebook Link via Other Social Networks and Mail

Popularize your business by sharing your Facebook URL through other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Tweeting your facebook link to your followers or sharing your Facebook page would do wonders in maximizing the number of likes for your facebook page. You can implement the same idea to your e-mail subscribers list too.

STEP 4: Insert Facebook Buttons Into Your Website

One of the best things you can do to get more fans for your facebook page is to make use of the different Facebook buttons and widgets that they provide. Have a look at the social plugins of Facebook.

  • Like button
  • Share button
  • Follow button
  • Send button
  • Comments
  • Embedded posts
  • Activity feed
  • Like box
  • Recommendations feed

Like button and like box are the two ideal options you can go for to increase the number of likes and fans for your facebook page.

Website with Facebook Like Button

Website with Facebook Like Box

STEP 5: Pay Out a Few Bucks On Facebook Advertising

In addition to setting up your Facebook profile and sharing it with your friends, it’s also necessary to spend a few dollars to get your page advertised and marketed to your target audience. Since Facebook lacks many of the advanced options of taking your business to the next level, you’d require spending a little and promoting your page and boost your ads to potential customers in the social media platform.

STEP 6: Add a Facebook Call – To – Action On Your Website

You can try working out calls – to – action through your Facebook page for increased fan numbers on Facebook. It should be alluring enough to draw people towards your business.


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