Websites are the first impression for any target audience that you’re expecting for your small business. There are ten main features that your website should have to attract your customers and transform them into potential buyers. Have a look at this checklist of the essentials that you need to check up with your websites.

  • Have a simple sensible website address which is meaningful enough to reveal the kind of business you’re into. It’s good to keep a neat domain name with .com or .org domain which is easy enough for your potential customers to search on the internet and trace your website.
  • Give a clean well-defined description of who you are and the details about your products or services on the landing page itself. This avoids confusion and unnecessary time – consuming search for the customer into your site to first figure out what it is all about. Make their search easier.
  • Point out your contact information in each and every page of your site. It can be either at the footer or sidebar or at the upper left or right corner of the page. Don’t ever take the risk of losing even a single customer at the cost of finding difficult to reach you. It’s even better to add your location and link it to Google Maps.
  • Include a section for genuine testimonials from your previous clients who’ve enjoyed buying your product. Viewers of your website would love to hear what others have said about you and your services which make them trust you more.
  • Design your website with an easily exploratory sitemap (guide) for your users to easily navigate through your website and catch up with the info they’re looking for in your web page. A good idea would be to have drop-downs in menus showing the content displayed in each page for viewers to click it and easily land into the page they’re interested in.
  • Check whether your website is designed and created with the SEO fundamentals in mind. This results in getting you good rankings in search engines. Your site has to be coded effectively with main keywords, unique page titles and URLs, usage of suitable images and putting up a lot of links or connections.
  • Keep up your hosting account safe with a reliable hosting company in order to avoid any mishaps to your web page or your content by intruders. This helps in maintaining the safe run of your small website keeping the bad fellows out of your borders.
  • Frame a clean design and style for your website for online readers to easily scan through your pages and get the main content they needed. Usage of visual signs, bolding main keywords or expressions and separation of content into small headings are some of the tips to keep it easy for your website viewers to know about your business.
  • Incorporate unique profitable stuff on your website to make it stand distinct and motivating for your target audience which makes them return to your site. New matter is also an added advantage for SEO to make your business gain its own identity.
  • Highlight clear call-for-action to your potential customers on your website. It can be something like calling your contact number or signing up for your services.

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