“Business is all about relationships…..how well you build them determines how well they build your business…..” – Brad Sugars

Small business owners are the most struggling people who’re trying to establish their product and striving hard to make their brand stand firm in the market. And as per the quote above, all businesses are about relationships with customers and Marketing is the tool adopted for it.

Small business people break their heads into promoting their brand by adopting all marketing strategies like giving ads in traditional media like newspapers and the Yellow pages. But still not able to see expected results from traditional marketing techniques and looking out for some other options.

All this happens in a normal round cycle of marketing: You meet and attract your clients, convert them into customers, get money, grow repeat business with them and motivate your present customers to refer other prospective clients. Though it may sound easy, in reality, each of these steps has its own challenges that business owners encounter and the best solution for speeding up things is – Automation.

Automating or implementing systems or strategies that works out for your business without your constant involvement is the key to generate income for you while sleeping. Online marketing makes this easy and there are numerous benefits of internet marketing over traditional marketing which are as follows.

  • Online marketing through the internet and social media sites helps to rightly focus on your target demographic than with direct marketing.
  • Proper implementation of marketing efforts through your websites gives good visibility in search engines, and hence long – term returns on investment.
  • Holding customers’ attention and making them engage with you is not possible with an ad in a newspaper, but it’s pretty possible with a social media post and a good website.
  • Online advertising and marketing costs you very less when compared to giving

Ads in traditional media outlets like yellow pages.

Just imagine you’re sound asleep while your bank account is getting filled up with money from your business? Sounds nice right?

You may question, “Man how’s that possible”

Yes, brother, it’s possible with the internet. Online marketing will help you generate a passive income from your business while you’re sleeping, and here’s how it is.

1.Sell Your Products Online

A successful businessman constantly studies about his customers’ trends and desires and sets up his business accordingly. How many of the customers today come shopping in a street shop when there are so many e-commerce websites available for their convenience? Why do you have to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into production expenses, rent, employee salaries, and other costs? Added to this is your constant presence in the shop investing your time?

Open an online store! You can easily set up your virtual shop front with the help of e-commerce software such as Big Cartel, Shopify or eBay or your own website and this is what happens. Go to sleep and somewhere someone will be shopping your products online. They pay you money and you deliver the products the next day. Sounds pretty easy!

2.Implement Network Marketing For Your Business

Network marketing, or commonly known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) helps small business owners to easily make money while sleeping if they implement it with the right people. It’s like a chain of networks choosing people from your same product line to be distributors or salespeople of your product with some sales compensation.  It’s almost like word of mouth marketing or referral marketing.

Wouldn’t it be an added advantage for your business when someone apart from you is also trying to sell your product to customers?

Double the marketing and double the profits in return!

But the only alertness you gotta have before implementing network marketing for your business is clear research. You should clearly research and make sure that it is of your kind of product line and trusting your product with them would be surely profitable. Otherwise, it’d be a waste of your precious time signing up with them for your product.

3.Setup an Official Blog

Creating an affiliate blog or in other words, doing Affiliate marketing will help you make more money while you’re sleeping or resting.

What’s Affiliate marketing? To put it in a simple way, it’s a kind of performance–based marketing where the business owner gives rewards to one or more affiliates who bring in revenue to their company through their own marketing efforts. This affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with internet marketing through many options like SEO, e-mail marketing and content marketing.

What you have to do is, set up an official website or affiliate blog with a strong number of followers on a relevant topic that targets your business. There are even websites that help you do this like ClickJunction, ClickBank and so on. With relevant keywords that would help promote your blog, write articles and other affiliate offers. SEO will optimize your blog, and promote it all around the web. When you notice that there’s increasing traffic to your blog, establish some ads for affiliate offers.

People click these ads and money starts flowing online!

4.Build Upon a Membership Community

People or customers are always looking out for valuable information and when you provide that, there are a lot of chances of you getting repeated income through it.


First, establish yourself as a worthy source of information about products or the services that people are searching for. This can be exposed via your website or blog. When constantly people go through your articles and information–driven content, they’ll get to know that you have got some really good stuff within you from which they can derive benefits.

Now you can create a membership community when more people have started following you responding to your posts. You can provide preliminary information in the front end and can charge a membership fee for them to access more or gain more information. A good idea indeed, isn’t it?

What you get here is recurring passive income in exchange for the researching and time spent in the internet searching and giving info to people.  So, your members will be paying you money while you sleep over your couch.

5.Discover Sponsors For Your Articles Or Regular Blog Columns

Your website has a number of visitors or may be any particular topics or columns in your blog may have more followers and popularity. Why don’t you make use of it?

Ads are the best options to bring money to your account while you’re resting still. You can make a lucrative amount of money through these columns of your website by giving space to sponsors. Just by mentioning their product or logo into popular columns of your blog, money gushes into your bank account.

Discover sponsors for whom you can offer sponsorship for your most invited articles among internet viewers. You can make the column itself to be branded or else set aside some space for the ad inside the article. When you mention that the particular article or column is sponsored by XYZ Company, it yields you a dual benefit.

One, it makes your visitors feel good about your credibility and two, it catches the eye of more advertisers about your professionalism and makes them think that you’re offering a good offer for them too.

6.Do Online Advertising

This is almost similar to the one that we discussed above, that is, affiliate blog. But for online advertising to work out very well, your website should be driving more traffic to churn out more money.

Your website should be a self-supporting and self – sustaining one for it to generate money while you’re still asleep. With an enormous amount of traffic, your advertising revenue becomes your passive income.

Maybe initially you may be getting much low as some 10 or 20 bucks, but as you produce more quality content which is new each and every day, gradually your traffic may increase. And automatically your earnings too will go high to as much as making even $100 a day. Dude that’ll be a great profit for you!

7.Put Up An Auto-Responder List For Your E-Mail Subscribers

This is one of the best methods of generating cash with online marketing.

You know what will attract your potential clients or target audience. Neatly frame up a free product or information that they may want to download once they give their e-mail. Ask them to click a link that drives traffic to a ‘landing page’ that asks for the visitors’ e-mail id. There are lots of tools nowadays to set up sign up boxes like this when people visit your website page. You can build a good number of subscribers who may gradually turn out into your customers.

Put up an auto-responder with links to download your product and send it to your e-mail subscribers, following it with a series of (automatically sent) mails. You can try out AWeber for this.  Let days pass….weeks….and months pass and finally there’ll be someday when you can get these same subscribers as your customers for special product offers or prices.

Just a reminder: Always add something of value in the emails you send them such as grabbing a special discount or offer.

8.Make Money Through Selling Your Own Product Guides

Hey here’s another tactical approach of making hot cash online with your own product while sleeping. Rather than approaching other intermediates for selling your products, you can set up everything and put up on your web page.

You can include selling extra products like DVDs or e-books or software or any other manuals or guides or informational products related to your business. It’s like you providing a complete store of what your customers wanted. They need not go elsewhere to gain more information.

Another benefit of this: Again you can add up more subscribers to your auto-responder list.

Instead of selling these products on a third-party site getting only half of the commission amount, you can get higher profit and flexibility too. That’s like getting both butter and jam for a loaf of bread!

Implement these marketing strategies; Sleep; Relax; The internet will render money for you!


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