You’ve started up your business with so many goals in mind, the topmost being your marketing plan. That’s the one which is going to get you potential customers and sales too, right?

You’d have also setup your social media business profiles as a part of Social Media Marketing. As a part of your everyday tasks or to-do-lists, have you set aside a section to concentrate on Social Media Marketing and boost it?

You may now ask ‘Buy Why?’

The answer is here dude. Latest statistical reports state that there are 1.82 billion social network users over the globe. And you know what? This number is expected to increase to nearly 2.33 by 2017. So, social media Marketing is one of the best ways to reach and engage your audience and gain more popularity than your competitors.

But it’s no big deal at all investing time or money to boost your social media marketing.

Yes, all it takes is a few minutes everyday to promote social media marketing and get good returns out of it.

Here are some of the ways by which you can boost up your Social Media Marketing strategies and see the changes taking place around in your business.

1.Increase Your Social Media Viewers

Your audience should be your main target while coming into the Social Media platform. This is because they’re the ones who’ll automatically get transformed into potential customers if you do your marketing and promotion in the right way.

In social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, check on a daily basis and you’d find that there are lots of people who have either shared your post or liked it or commented on it. Don’t just leave them, but grab them.

Once your eye notices that they’ve given importance to your post, return them with an indication of ‘Thanks’ by following them or ‘favorite’ ing them (in case of Twitter).

This will surely help you get more audience for your business and eventually get you good profits out of it.

2.Give A New Social Media Look To Your E–Mail Signature

Did you know that you can even catch up with your e-mail subscribers via Social media networking tactics?

It’s a way too simple man! Instead of just typing out your name with designation and company name in your e-mail signature, also add up links to the Social Media business profiles that you own. People who’re interested in your business would automatically click up on that link and start following you and get more info on a daily basis from your social media sites.

An Example E-Mail signature with Social Media Buttons (links)

This looks pretty cool and you can configure one like this for you too.

All you gotta do is, go to your Settings part in the e-mail you’re using and select ‘Signature’ and edit it and set it with your own preferable colors, background, text and so on.

3.Frame Up Your Name Board In All Social Networks

It’s very commonly known that business owners tend to sign up and own profiles in Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and the like. But there are more and number of Social Media sites like these where you can register your brand and keep, even if you think it’s not much important for your brand’s promotion.

You know why? There are people who search you throughout the web platform to get to know your company’s presence and when you’re present in almost every social network, it gives a good impression for them about your visibility and credibility.

Knowem is a site which helps you in this. It assists business owners to register and set up profiles for their product in many social media sites. It charges somewhere near $25 to make you sign up into 25 social media networks with profile names, email, photos, bio and details.

You can even type up your brand name in the search box and find out which Social networking sites you’re already into. Depending upon that, you could decide to sign up into more Social Media platforms with Knowem’s facility.

4.Build Up Your Posts With Visual Content

Text and links are of course important in communicating what’s in your mind with your social media viewers. But instead of putting them up alone, it’s a great idea to cover them up with images or any other form of visual content such as Infographics, block quotes, short ordered lists, charts, and many others.

Recently researchers have found out that images can result in 85% interaction rate in Facebook and increased retweets by 35%. That’s why it’s better to take up social media and visual content go hand in hand.

Some variety of options of how you can include visual content into your social media posts are:

  • A screenshot of your product or any other useful information about your service.
  • Uploading an image and asking followers to caption it.
  • Conducting a photo contest
  • Sharing images of your team members or any events that you’ve participated in.
  • Creating collages through tools like Photovisi, Picasa, Fotor or Canva.
  • Making cool and easy-to-understand infographics via Piktochart.

If in case you’re opting out to screengrab an image for your post, this is how you do it.

  • PC users – Press the ‘Print Screen’ key and the screengrab goes to your clipboard
  • Mac users – Press Cmd + Shift + 4 and the screengrab goes to your desktop

5.Complete Your Social Media Profiles

It can be widely seen that most business profiles, though listed in all social media networks, lack a completely filled up profile. Always keep in mind that unless you have a fully completed professional profile, your audience are not going to take you much important.

Be it Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, make sure that you’ve filled up all the blanks including location and e-mail because even the meanest details may be useful for your customers to reach you. Also, only a complete profile would get good visibility in search engines too.

  • Facebook : Go to your Page’s settings -> Info
  • Google+: Go to the ‘About’ tab and click ‘Edit’ on whichever fields you need to fill up.
  • Twitter : Go to Settings -> Profile
  • LinkedIn : Go to your profile and click ‘Complete your profile’ button to complete filling up your details

You can even consider the option of connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that your post appears automatically in Facebook once you post it in Twitter and this saves your time.

Setting up Profile in Twitter


6.Customize Your Images Using Fiverr

One of the best tactics that you can adapt for your business to gain much traffic online is to add a personalized touch to whatever you post in Social Media, even if its images. It’s always best to create your own customized images and share it via Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter.

Fiverr is a new crowdsourced service community found online that helps you do this with just 5 bucks in hand. They offer many services for creating your own graphics and design elements like images, logo designs, and reports and so on.

It’s also been heard from many business professionals that traffic to their website has doubled or tripled when making using of custom images.

All you have to do is give your idea and render life to it by sketching it into a unique image.

7.Validate Your Blog Post Ideas by Using Twitter’s Help

You’ve got an idea for your next blog post?

Wanna know how much it will be successful in reaching your audience after posting it?

Or need to get more valid points to be included in the post?

Will the post serves to be an aid to boost up your business?

So many questions running in your mind and the best platform to get your doubts clarified is the same platform where you’re gonna post it.

Just quickly share a post on Twitter that you’re researching for more points under your next topic “blah blah blah” and wait and see how many comments you’re getting from the interested audience.

With this, you’ll easily know how much effective or not your post will be; what people are expecting from you and accordingly you can frame it up and post it. It just costs you a few minutes of researching into your Twitter followers’ opinions via Tweets.

8.Make Use Of Hashtags

Now, this is another social media trend that’s gaining good visibility for businesses. Try adding a couple of hashtags in each of your posts to reach your potential customers.

Effect of Hashtags’ usage in Twitter

Given above is how hastags’ usage increases the number of retweets in Twitter. Similar to this, in all other social networking platforms too, addition of hashtags has increased the visibility of the posts shared.

Putting it in simple words: Hashtag your posts and more people get to see it!

9.Shake Hands Of Promotion Between Your Profiles

It’s normal that you may have your own Social media profile as well as your business profile. Why are you drawing lines between personal and professional usage? After all, it’s your company and you.

A great idea to boost up social media marketing is to always cross-promote your content or post between profiles. You can add up a reference in your bio section of your personal LinkedIn profile to your company’s LinkedIn profile. Doing so, even people in your network will come to know about your business and click and view the profile and its contents. You’ll get more clicks as well as more followers for your social media accounts.

Who knows, they may become your regular customers too……

Sample LinkedIn account linked with Twitter Profile

10.Link Up Your Social Updates With Your Landing Pages

All the online marketing strategies that you’re undertaking are to increase traffic to landing pages of your website, right? To get more leads, try including links to your landing pages along with your social media post. It can be even like a call-to-action, say for example, for more information on this offer, click

Example of a promotional post with a link to the Landing page


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