The last article I taught you about the six human needs. The six needs can get categorized into two. The first four needs are the “needs of the personality” – you will meet these needs whether you know it or not.

The last two, “growth” and “contribution” are the spiritual needs – these are what bring us lasting fulfillment.

Your top 2 needs become your driving force. While we all have the same needs, we value them differently. Our priorities for these needs differ one from another, based on what we value the most.

Quickly, determine your top two needs. What do you value the most? To understand the top needs, you need to look at your needs, your beliefs, and the emotions that are controlling you. You need to be the CEO of your own self.

And that brings us to the end of today’s article. Keep a lookout for my next blog where I explain the #1 thing that I did in the Tony Robbins’ seminar that changed my entire life.