So far we’ve seen Certainty & Uncertainty, Significance & Love, now it’s time to learn about the last two needs that influence us to do what we do. They are:


It’s the need to expand in capacity, capability, and understanding.

+ The need to grow financially.
+ The need to grow in your organization.
+ The need to learn something more.
+ The need to buy a bigger TV.
+ The need to buy a bigger / expensive car.

We do all of this because of the need for growth.


It’s the sense of service, the focus on helping, giving, and supporting others.

This is the reason why people help others.
This is the reason people volunteer.
This is the reason people donate money to charity.
This is the reason people eat vegan food. (not kill animals)
This is the reason people don’t use plastic. (to save the earth)

It gives people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when they contribute. It’s more of a spiritual need.

Growth and Contribution as an exception aren’t a paradox. But they are connected in a way that the more, the people contribute, the more they grow.

Think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and some of the billionaires who give away a lot of their wealth. It hasn’t affected their position on the Forbes billionaire list. Their wealth has only increased.

So if you want to grow, give back first, help others, contribute to your society. Want to take action immediately? Then go to a crowdfunding charity website like or and donate something to somebody even a dollar just to get started.

In the next few blogs, I‘m going to teach you in detail on how these needs affect us as a person and what I learned about understanding our self and where being more self-aware can lead us to.


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