In my last blog, we spoke about Certainty and Variety. It’s the reason behind:
+Why some stick to a day job and some start their own company
+Why some pursue a normal life, and some pursue an adventurous life
+Why some people like to eat the same food and why some people like to try new food all the time.

Makes sense?

Now onward to the next two human needs:

3. Significance:

The need to be feeling unique, valuable, special or proud.

The need that motivates somebody to become a celebrity, or an attractive person.

Or for some to show off an expensive watch or an expensive handbag.

Or for some to buy a Lamborghini just because that makes them feel significant.

4. Connection/Love:

The feeling of closeness or affection with someone or something. It‘s the craving for love, sex, relationship.

People act differently for some people because they like them. A rogue fighter, or a terrorist, maybe a very caring father and a loving husband at home.

That brings us to another paradox. The paradox between love and significance.

Everybody knows that you need to make your partner feel significant and let your ego down to be successful in love, or in a relationship.

If you don’t let your significant self, relax for the sake of the relationship, you cannot have a great relationship. Thus you have to find a fine balance between significance and connection.

Have you ever given up on something for the sake of love? Reply and tell me. I would love to hear from you.


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