In 2015, I was in a room with over 2000 people.

At a Tony Robbins seminar in Singapore. If you don’t know about Tony, the best introduction that I can give you is his very popular TED talk: “Why We Do What We Do” (Check out the video below)

The first lesson Tony taught us is the 6 Human Needs.

As a human, our six human needs define why we do the what we do and why our actions are the way as they are.

A person who’s satisfied with all the six human needs is usually happy and feels more accomplished. On the contrary, they would be depressed and can even be suicidal. Today I’m gonna speak about the first two needs:

1. Certainty:

An assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure today, tomorrow, and in the future.

We want to have the assurance that there will be food, water, and air so that we can breathe and live healthily.

So is the certainty of making money, that’s why most stick to a paycheck because of the certainty.

2. Uncertainty/Variety:

It’s the necessity of the unknown, the surprise, the change, new stimuli.

You always like a surprise gift from your girlfriend or spouse don’t you?

Both the needs Certainty and Uncertainty are a paradox. i.e. Some people like more certainty and fewer surprises and some vice versa.

Who are you? Reply and tell me whether you like more of certainty or whether you like surprises more than certainty?

In my next email, you will learn about the next two of the human needs. My emails are going to be short purposefully so that you can quickly consume them.


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