This post is about how to manage your deadlines better and not slip your delivery time.

There are various tips and tricks to help you better manage your deadline:

Backwards Planning

Set the deadline first and then decide how you will achieve it. This approach is great when choices are abundant and projects could go on indefinitely.


If you are attempting something new, test out smaller versions of a project to help you decide on a final deadline. Write a 10-page e-book before your 300-page novel or try to increase your income by 10% before aiming to double it.

Find the Weak Link
Figure out what could ruin your plans and accomplish it first. Knowing the unknown can help you format your deadlines.

No Robot Deadlines

Robots can work without sleep, relaxation or distractions. You aren’t a robot. Don’t schedule your deadline with the expectation you can work sixteen hour days to complete it. Death marches aren’t healthy.

Get Feedback

Get a realistic picture of people working with you. Giving impossible deadlines to contractors or employees will only build resentment.

Continuous Planning

If you use a backward planning model, you need to constantly be updating plans to fit your deadline. This means making cuts, additions or refinements to the project will fit into the expected timeframe.


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