“Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which the problems were created.” – Albert Einstein

1. Identify
Specify the problem and the desired outcome (Think divergently and then convergently Focus to define the problem)

Use How to . method prepare multiple problem definitions starts with How to Make leading how tos

How to make me lose weight?
By eating less
How to make me eat less?
By taking less calories
How to make me take less calories?
Well better exercise more
How to make me exercise more?
Go to the gym!

2. Search
Search for ideas, solutions, options (Think divergently list as many options as possible brainstorm)

Two methods to search for ideas / solutions:

i) Associate to a super hero (eg. Spiderman)
a) Derive the superheros characteristics (Brainstorm)
b) Associate the superheros characteristics to the context of the problem

ii) Reverse the problem eg. How to make me fat?
a) Derive ways to reverse the problem / make the problem worse eg. Eat more cheesecake
b) Reverse and associate the ways to worsen the problem to finding solutions for the actual problem eg. Stop eating cheesecakes

3. Evaluate
Weigh, Judge, Evaluate each alternative option (Converge)

4. Select
Commit to a solution and implement it