Was doing research whether to get a premium subscription from Buffer or HootSuite for managing my social networks all at once. Finally after the recent buffer release decided to go with Buffer itself.

What makes Buffer so attractive:

  1. The company itself. Believe me, I believe in the team more than their product. Read more here: http://bit.ly/buffrcltr.
  2. The simplicity. Their user interface is one of the most intuitive out there. I’m a firm believer in keeping things simple. It will only end up being more productive
  3. Buffer Mobile App
  4. More integrations throughout the web than others. Many websites have Buffer icons integrated.
  5. Bit.ly integration. I can track my links from bit.ly itself.
  6. Buffer’s Analytics Screen
  7. Suggested Posts – I love this. This allows me to post frequently and not starve for content.
  8. Daily iOS app – Tinder for content! I love it!

What Buffer lacks:

  1. WordPress Integration
  2. Pinterest Integration
  3. Tumblr Integration
  4. Content Approval Queue – Not for business but for curated content that arrives from channels like IFTTT for personal/awesome accounts

BTW, I’m working on a solution for #4. Is anyone interested? Comment down here.

What features HootSuite has over Buffer?:

  1. Multiple Tabs for Social Media monitoring. Monitor as many feeds as you want. – In buffer, this is a premium feature while in HootSuite it’s there for free
  2. HootSuite has keyword tracking feature to keep yourself updated on the trends
  3. More useful to plan posts/tweets for the long term.

What could be better in HootSuite:

  1. Mobile App User Experience
  2. Overall user experience. When I read across the web, people always talk about how easy was it to understand the Buffer’s interface than HootSuite’s interface.

What are your favorites in Buffer, do you think that HootSuite is better than Buffer or anything else? Please comment.


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