It’s difficult to set multiple log categories to DEBUG or anything with the Intalio’s log4j configurator that comes with bpms-console.

I had to set like 10 different logs repeatedly. Every time it sucks to actually find the log category, choose DEBUG and then click the SET button, wait for the page to load again and continue the same thing!

Here you go geeks, a javascript method I wrote that you can use on the Javascript Console:

Go to “THIS” URL: https://:8443/bpms-console/log4j

function setDebug(log) {
var elems = document.getElementsByTagName(‘input’), i;
for (i in elems) {
if((‘ ‘ + elems[i].value + ‘ ‘).indexOf(log)
> -1) {
if(elems[i].parentNode.childNodes[1].value != “DEBUG”) {
elems[i].parentNode.childNodes[1].value = “DEBUG”;



Now it’s just UP arrow ENTER, UP, UP, ENTER everytime the page loads. Yes of course it can be further more optimized. Mind to do it?? post it in the comments!


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