Here’s how Facebook Graph Search is…

It let me find many friends who are there in FB but not in my List… FB once again did it in connecting people (was it someone else’s tagline?)

It let me do this:

(Siri show me) “Friends of friends who are in Singapore and not in my friend list” whoa – great results!

“Photos I had liked”

“Photos of ______ that I liked”

“Photos that ______ liked” (I smell something here! another privacy concern??)

“People who went to Noorul Islam University”

“Friends of Suresh Kumar who are in Singapore and not in my Friends List” – Found many of my college alumni who are in Singapore through my Professor 🙂 Wow!!

Well, it lets you do more. Find restaurants nearby that your friends like, find things that your friends like.

Awesome Zuckerberg… you have taken a road less traveled by Google.

A big blow on Google’s face, coz Facebook gives you Web Search too powered by Bing… Google, you lose more than a billion searches every day to Microsoft!!!


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